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We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Medical Billing Services, with a focus on Detail, Communication, customer service, and uniqueness.

MS Billing Solutions

Welcome to MS Billing Solutions, We wanted to enable group practices, hospitals, clinics and independent medical practice practices to run a healthcare organization without the pressure of working for a certain bottom line.

MS Billing Solutions deals with most of the core specialties like NEUROLOGY, OPHTHALMOLOGY, CARDIOLOGY, ONCOLOGY, Pain management, Internal Medicine and in term of important service such as, Consultancy Services, Credentialing Services, Medical Billing Services, Medical Transcription, Complete Transparency, Patient benefits verification, Patient Support Desk, Proven Track Record.

Analytics and Reporting
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Lower Admin Cost

Increase your Revenue and business without increasing the billing charges.

Increase Revenue

Weekly & Monthly Analytical reports with a Daily Summary adds transparency to the overall process

Multi-Specialty Billing

We offer comprehensive Billing Services for almost all Medical Specialties.

Denial Handling

Pro-active handling of denied claims with maximum follow-up and Appeals.

Dedicated Team

We believe that 80% of success depends on having the right people in the team.

Bigger Savings

With Leadx Billing Services each physician can save upto $18K annually.