Fusion EDI Clearing House

Rev Up Your Success with Fusion EDI

MS Billing Solutions provides you assistance in the form Fusion EDI Clearing House Accuracy Services. With its Integration and automation you can find better billing clearinghouse that is efficient and effective with favorable prices. Changes in Regulation and navigation have made the health care revenue complex to understand. Fusion EDI comes up to sort out these problems, being cost effective, efficient and time saving it is the best in the market. Our Fusion EDI services can help you

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Clear Up Claims Bottlenecks with Ease!

FusionEDI is an efficient solution for automating and integrating the claims process. It helps to increase accuracy and speed up the process, reducing the time and effort required to submit claims and receive payments

Provider Credentialing

Integrated HIPAA-Compliant Clearinghouse Solutions

Fusion EDI integrates all electronic claims and remittance procedure with our medical billing software. This integration results into a great convenience. We are HIPPA complaint thus you can submit electronic claims to several insurers, receive electronic remittance advice (ERA) reports and verify insurance eligibility safely.
Analytics and Reporting
Ms Billing Solutions

Here’s How FusionEDI Works

Claims are automatically scrubbed with zero-error accuracy within seconds after your payment. Our network of carriers is always available to get submission of claims from you.

Track all of your claims with our integrated claim submission reports to get a full insight of activities with your claims.

Electronic Claims

To get paid faster you can submit insurance claims electronically. You can submit electronic claims to numerous payers and insurance companies with the help of Fusion EDI. Moreover it provides you comprehensive and timely reports of claim processing having updated status

Claims Scrubbing

Fusion EDI scrubs medical claims to ensure correct and zero- error data entry for properly processed claims. Rest assured about rejected claims as we have a strong error checking system. We make sure first time claim submission successful to the payers and alleviate work load on you.

Claims Analytics

Fusion EDI offers detailed reporting throughout the claim submission and evaluation process. It also checks all claims and generates internal reports to identify issues such as incomplete patient information or incorrect policy numbers.

Resolve Denials/Rejected Claims

Managing denied or rejected claims can be challenging, but FusionEDI's claim follow-up feature allows you to track and pursue claims to ensure they are not overlooked and unpaid

Sent File & Claim Status Reports

FusionEDI provides comprehensive and detailed reports on the status of all claims, keeping you informed and updated with all the claims processing information, and giving you an overview of all the claims.

Secondary Claims Processing

Fusion EDI makes it easy for clients having insurance coverage to submit primary and secondary claims in the standard industry format to payers and commercial insurance providers

User-Friendly Interface

FusionEDI is a top choice for medical claims processing. It is clearinghouse software developed by healthcare professionals, for healthcare professionals, and it maintains high standards of customer service while adhering to HIPAA regulations

Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA)

The Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) feature provided by FusionEDI, can speed up the payment process by automatically posting insurance payments. With this feature, you can receive reports on ERA, get a detailed record of electronic funds transfer (EFT) and use the ERA reports to match and balance the payments

Patient Statement Services

FusionEDI's automated Patient Statement service eliminates the need for paper statements and delays. It streamlines the process for your staff by sending electronic statements that provide detailed information about what the patient owes, including service dates, charges, and transaction descriptions, as well as the patient's demographic information.

Insurance Eligibility

FusionEDI's insurance eligibility verification feature can help you increase collections by ensuring that patients have valid and sufficient insurance benefits. By verifying insurance prior to scheduling appointments, you can get a real-time response with complete information about the patient's benefits, and eliminate uncollectible revenue from patients with invalid or insufficient insurance