Provider Credentialing

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Credentialing & Re-Credentialing

Ms Billing Solutions has a team of professionals that are experts in the provider credentialing process. They stay up-to-date with changes in the industry, trends in credentialing and the requirements of different payers. This expertise allows them to handle the entire credentialing process from beginning to end, taking on responsibilities that would typically fall on your staff. This allows your team to focus on more important tasks, while our team handles the credentialing process.

Provider Credentialing

Ms Billing Solutions team tracks the progress of provider credentialing, collects the necessary documents, and completes the process by submitting applications to payers and promptly responding to any requests for corrections or additional information. Our team is also responsible for keeping track of re-credentialing deadlines and initiating the process when it’s due.

We work closely with the provider, helping them fill out the initial application, performing primary source verification, background screening, and coordinating with payers to ensure timely approval and an expedited start for the provider. Our team’s goal is to ensure that the credentialing process is completed in a timely and efficient manner, allowing providers to begin seeing patients as soon as possible.

Provider Credentialing

Enable Your Practice’s Success

Trust the experts at Ms Billing Solutions to help you navigate the difficult process of provider enrollment and medical credentialing all at a low cost! No more cash flow problems & not being paid. No more data errors. No more accidental expirations, we’ll end all your headaches. Contact us today.

Here’s What We Can Do for You


Data Collection

Our team will assist you to collect all needed and necessary background and demographic information

CAQH Enrollment

We help providers to enroll for CAQH. Moreover we also assist them with profile maintenance and updating of records.

Submit Applications

Before we submit applications to the payers, we make sure all necessary documents are fully prepared for submission.

Active Communication

All follow-up activities like Verifications and communication are fully managed With payer organization

Fully Transparent Access

No communication gap and hidden tasks. You can always access to our Electronic Health Records and credentialing system and can have knowledge of our every activity

Dedicated Customer Representative

We are customer friendly. We provide you with account manager aware of the credentialing for your medical organization, easy to contact and always ready to assist you

Credentialing is a Vital Component

Provider credentialing is an essential task for medical organizations, as it is necessary to ensure that providers are meeting the standards set by the organization and its payers. Without proper credentialing, a practice may not be able to bill for services, making it financially unfeasible. Credentialing is also a way to identify potential risks early on and reduce the chance of negative outcomes. Additionally, it can improve the practice’s reputation, which is beneficial for attracting new patients and gaining their trust. Although the process can be time-consuming, it is necessary to protect revenues, limit risks, and enhance the overall reputation of the practice.






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We will Handle the Paperwork

Many medical practitioners attempt to handle the provider credentialing process in-house. However, after evaluating the costs, many have found that outsourcing to Ms Billing Solutions is a more cost-effective option.

When you outsource to a team of professionals, your efforts can be streamlined. For example, while your staff may only be able to credential one or two providers at a time, our team at Ms Billing Solutions can handle the credentialing of several providers simultaneously, every day. This not only saves money, but also allows your staff to focus on more important tasks, and ultimately helps your practice grow.
Let us take on the task of provider credentialing and ongoing maintenance. Our experts are familiar with the requirements of different payers and know how to navigate the credentialing process efficiently. Ms Billing Solutions provides regular updates and transparency throughout the process.