RCM for In-house Billing Teams

Revenue cycle management services. Keep your preferred biller.

Change is always beneficial but some changes like externalizing your revenue cycle processes can be problematic for you. MS Billing Solutions has made things easy for you. Get through productivity reports through our workflow management tool and team Billing Bridge. You can access data on department as well as on individual level (for a specific person). We will collaborate with your internal staff RCM for in house teams and maximize your revenue for your company

Customize your RCM team

Analyze your practice and where it lags get one or more experts for each and every RCM procedure to create an appropriate team

Direct Coordination:

Our Team Billing Bridge and direct calls keep your management in contact with us 24/7 and there is no point of losing contact with us. We are always available and happy to assist you.

A fixed percentage

Price fluctuations are confusing and disorienting. We bill for just tiny and predetermined proportion of your collections having flexibility in our prices.

More bang for your buck

We assist you to minimize your administrative costs from charge capture solutions to overturning denials. We do this for a little price covering a lot of areas.

Consistent prices

We are good at what we do but don’t overcharge you for it. Our prices are low cost and consistent